Yours, Etcetera
by Ikhtisad Ahmed (Bengal Lights Books)

The thought-provoking and engaging debut short story collection from an emergent Bangladeshi voice sees compelling protagonists journey through energetic narratives that are a blend of socio-political satire and fresh humour. Traversing rural and urban Bangladesh and England, the ironic glimpses of political hypocrisy are contrasted with the heartbreaking struggles of common people. Simultaneously outraged and humorous, the layered tales bear witness to the universal adversities of these times and humanity's existence in their face. Introduction by Sharbari Z. Ahmed. 

From the back cover:

“Tough, clear-sighted and deftly paced, these intriguing stories navigate the shifting geographies of our contemporary reality. A welcome new addition to the growing corpus of Bangladeshi writing in English.” – Aamer Hussein, author of Electric Shadows

“Ikhtisad Ahmed provides us with a surrealist glimpse of the nightmarish reality that is society governed by racism, corruption and oppression. Using elements of absurdity, he draws the reader into a world where individuals are silenced by terror and violence, and personal fears can no longer be distinguished above the multitudes of suffering.” – Meike Ziervogel, author of Kauthar

"Crisp and thoughtful, these stories cut to the heart of our existence." - Kunal Basu, author of The Japanese Wife


Ikhtisad is a human rights lawyer turned writer from Bangladesh. Palok published Cryptic Verses, his first collection of poems, in 2009, and Yukta Requiem, his second, in 2014. The Deliverance of Sanctuary was his first play, opening in London in 2012. In addition to writing the popular weekly From the Margins column for the leading English-language daily Dhaka Tribune, and contributing regularly to the reputable, the aspiring novelist's debut short story collection, Yours, Etcetera, was launched by Bengal Lights Books at the Dhaka Literary Festival 2015. Ikhtisad has written MADE, an Arts Council England endorsed play about the Bangladeshi export garments industry. His current projects include a mini-series about immigration and an investigative documentary about Islamist extremism.



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